My Dream Farm

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Monty Don helps six families realise their dream of returning to the land

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Monty Don helps six families realise their dream of returning to the land

Series 1 Summary

After a two-year absence from TV, Monty Don returns with a new hour-long, six-part series.

My Dream Farm follows Monty Don as he helps six different families to try to realise their dream of making a go of it by working the land. They're all determined to leave the rat race behind and transform their lives, but with few skills and no previous experience, it's going to be far from easy.

With over 40 years experience of farming, Monty is on hand to guide our novices through their first, tentative steps. Filmed throughout the farming year, My Dream Farm taps into the zeitgeist as more and more people dream of returning to the land.

The stories range from a family of five raising sheep on the Devon moors to a lone female farmer, breeding alpacas in Warwickshire. Two young cousins try to start a British flower farm in Kent and a family with three young children try their hand at self-sufficiency and chicken-keeping in Cornwall.

  • Dick and Pauline

    Episode 1

    Monty meets Dick and Pauline Beijen, who moved from Dick's native Holland to a 44 acre plot in Devon. But the hard-working couple are struggling to make a living. Can Monty help?

  • Rob and Sue

    Episode 2

    Monty Don meets Rob and Sue, whose move from London to Cornwall has run into difficulties. What started as a dream of self sufficiency has become a battle for survival.

  • Karon and Simon

    Episode 3

    Monty meets Karon and Simon, who have quit the rat race with grand plans to rear rare-breed pigs in Suffolk, as well as building a farm shop, cafe and art gallery.

  • Kierti and Alpacas

    Episode 4

    Thirty-three-year-old Kierti Vaidya's alpaca farm in Warwickshire has run into difficulties. Monty prescribes radical measures. But will Kierti stick to his suggestions?

  • Nick and Talitha

    Episode 5

    In south Wales Monty visits Nick and Talitha, who hope to make a new life for themselves from a smallholding of two acres of land. But Nick's enthusiasm and big ideas mask much larger health issues.

  • Jen and Bek

    Episode 6

    City girl Jen and her country cousin Bek have started a flower farm in Kent. But Monty Don wonders if the cousins are treating the farm more as a hobby than as a business.

My Dream Farm synopsis

Monty Don helps six families realise their dream of returning to the land

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